Greater Lynchburg Transit Company

Kemper Street Transfer Facility

Wendel was commissioned by the GLTC to find a new location for an existing bus transfer center. An extensive selection process determined that the new facility should be placed on Kemper Street across from the current historic Amtrak Station, creating an intermodal hub for the city of Lynchburg. The site, which includes a historically detailed two-story building, was chosen for its capacity to offer a comfortable and spacious space for both passengers and transit staff. However, this advantageous position did offer some engineering challenges for Wendel’s team. A 30 foot height differential over 200 feet was adjusted for the safety of pedestrian traffic, and segmental block retaining walls were installed using geo-grid reinforcement to maximize the boundary of usable space. Changes to the Kemper – Buchannan Street intersection softened a steep curve and slope to accommodate GLTC’s large buses, and the transfer center features photovoltaic arrays on the building roof and bus canopies.




Kemper Street Transfer Street is LEED Platinum Certified.