Greater Richmond Transit Company

Maintenance Facility CNG Upgrade

Wendel was selected to assist with design upgrades to the existing GRTC maintenance facility that would allow work and maintenance on CNG fueled vehicles. A design approach was undertaken that included a complete evaluation of the facility and ancillary structures. The bus wash, fueling service canopy and the paint booth were all examined and taken into account, allowing for a comprehensive design that enables any space within the facility to be compliant for working with CNG. The design process involved a variety of engineering disciplines such as electrical and mechanical for power support, existing system integration, new air handling equipment and sensors. Architectural tasks included reviewing the facility for areas of possible gas entrapment in the event of a leak. The Wendel team worked closely with the City of Richmond, GRTC, RK&K and equipment vendors to ensure compliance with various safety regulations, choosing solutions that are considered best engineering practices and exceed minimum industry standards.