Richmond Corporate Headquarters

Wendel was asked to re-stack and renovate 630,000 sf of space at a National Health Insurance Company’s headquarters in Richmond, VA. We began this project by conducting a half day immersion and visioning session with the business department’s stake holders to get a consensus of their culture, the project’s goals, and an aligned direction. As a result, Wendel’s team of designers and architects began to create a space that was inviting, inclusive, collaborative, classic and fun to be in. Departments that were previously disjoined were placed in adjacent locations within the buildings and collaboration through a variety of workplace settings was created. The design palette is derived from a combination of classic and modern styles. The space is light, bright and reflects the company’s core values of heath, wellness and innovation. Wendel’s move management and communications team helped plan the move strategy early on in the process. With minimal space available for swing move, the design team looked at various scenarios and developed a plan with an 11 phase approach. Having the general contractor on board early on in the process was advantageous in that we had aligned the phases with a construction strategy that minimized disruption and accelerated the construction schedule.