Indivior is a growing pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Midlothian, VA. As they increased their square footage, they also wanted to create a productive and fun work environment for their staff. Their logo incorporates the slogan, “Focus On You” and that was the driver for the design. Finishes were selected based on Indivior’s corporate colors in order to brand the space.

They wanted to bring more natural light in the space and include various types of meeting areas. During the planning process, they were cognizant of having seasoned employees that need much more private heads down time. Workstations have a generous footprint and ample storage. White noise is incorporated throughout.

Offices were planned in the interior of the building with floor to ceiling glass, so that everyone could benefit from natural light. Each floor of their four (4) floor build out includes open collaboration as well as closed door meeting spaces with state of the art technology.