New Ulm High School

New Construction

In 2008 the New Ulm School District had moved grades 7-8 from the Middle School building into the High School building. The former Middle School building, which was in poor condition, was then used only for Administrative offices yet also housed the only Auditorium in the district.

As part of a facility analysis and planning project, Wendel worked with a 40-person community task force to determine the facility needs of the district. All of the district’s schools suffered some degree of overcrowding, and several options for additions and renovations were explored. The lack of available land for expansion led to the concept of constructing of a new High School on a new site with grade realignment in the three existing buildings.

The new 760-student High School was completed in Fall 2016. The design of the school takes advantage of orientation to maximize natural lighting for energy savings and educational enhancement while reducing glare. Relatively cost-effective yet durable building materials were also chosen for ease of maintenance.