Niagara County Water District

The Niagara County Water District (NCWD) retained Wendel to provide multi-disciplined engineering and architectural services to address the NCWD’s needs, improve the efficiency of their operations, and reduce costs.

We established a Quality Management Team. Its members are comprised of the District Administrative Director, operation level personnel, and Wendel staff. Through this team, we identified potential system improvements and responsibilities for next steps. By taking full advantage of in-house personnel, costs were reduced and controlled.

Projects completed include the development of a district hydraulic computer model and energy efficiency study, coagulation basin rehabilitation, filter media replacement, filter surface wash system replacement, residuals lagoon cleaning, CT study, wastewater pump replacement, new clearwell, roof replacement, and installation of new chemical feed facilities.

Current projects include the replacement of the district’s chemical storage and feed facilities.

We designed a stand-alone building for storage tanks and pumping equipment for the fluoride, alum and corrosion inhibitor chemical systems.  We developed construction sequencing to allow uninterrupted application of chemicals.

As part of the ongoing filter underdrain project, we analyzed NCWD’s historical records to identify possible correlations between raw water quality (UV-254, turbidity, etc.) and filter performance.

Through our role as the District’s Engineer, we have become part of the NCWD’s staff. Operations personnel have access to a complete range of services, whether it is professional advice from a single design professional, GIS development and implementation or a complete design. As part of the ongoing financial/capital improvement plan, Wendel has been working with the district in rehabilitating, replacing and/or upgrading various motors, pumps and controls throughout the district.