North End Water District – Phase I Project

The Town of Pomfret was faced with a problem—it was lacking a reliable, quality supply of drinking water for its residents. As a rural community, the majority of residents in the town were supplied water from private wells. The town recognized the public health and safety risks of having an unreliable water source from both a water quality standpoint and from a fire protection  standpoint.

Wendel first assisted the Town of Pomfret in securing $10,000 of grant money to complete a water supply study. The study looked at the feasibility of creating a new water district to supply the  unserviced portions of the town with potable drinking water. The study evaluated the need of the residents based upon quality of their well water, the development of a hydraulic model for the proposed system and a preliminary cost estimate. Identifying the water supply source and beginning preliminary engineering was just the first step in the process. Wendel then assisted the town in establishing the North End Water District including working diligently with the Town Attorney to develop the detailed legal description for the district.

Formation of the new district also included leading several public meetings, developing and submitting required regulatory permits, establishing water rates, and, most importantly, negotiations with the Village of Fredonia for the establishment of a water supply contract.

With the district in place, now came the physical infrastructure. Wendel assisted the town in securing $1.3 million in grant funds and $3.6 million in 0% loans from the NYS Environmental  Facilities Corporation (EFC) Drinking WState Revolving Fund (DWSRF). Wendel served as engineer for the town through all facets of the project including design, permitting, bidding,  construction administration, and construction observation.

In all, the Town of Pomfret was able to install the following:

  • 31,000 linear feet of new 8-inch diameter PVC waterline
  • 13,500 linear feet of new 10-inch diameter PVC waterline
  • 6,200 linear feet of new 8-inch to 12-inch diameter ductile iron waterline
  • 360 new water services
  • 102 new fire hydrants
  • 1 new booster pump station