Ohio Street Corridor Redevelopment

Complete Street and Greenway Corridor

The Ohio Street Corridor links several major activity centers associated with Buffalo’s fast developing waterfront, including Canalside, the Cobblestone District, Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino, the First Ward and the Outer Harbor. Ohio Street originally serviced the waterfront’s industrial land uses with heavy truck traffic, but more recently the waterfront’s role has transformed from industry to recreation. Wendel was hired to transform what was once a four-lane commercial arterial with no provisions for pedestrians, bicyclists or transit users into a true Complete Street that supports multiple modes of transportation safely and comfortably. A wide greenway trail is now heavily used by bicyclists and pedestrians from all over the region. Elements of the project included the reduction and re-allocation of travel lanes, providing space for a multi-use pathway and green infrastructure. The use of permeable pavement, energy efficient street lighting, street trees and enhanced landscaping all serve to reduce the environmental footprint of the Ohio Street Corridor while simultaneously giving the area an inviting and natural aesthetic.

Ohio Street continues as a game-changing transit solution in Buffalo, NY.

The transformation of Ohio Street: where public money sparked private investment