Owens and Minor

Client Engagement Center

Owens and Minor selected a downtown Richmond location for their new “Client Engagement Center.” The CEC will house approx. 500 teammates and provide a higher level of service to their customers.

They wanted a space that evoked a downtown feel and helped to attract and retain the younger workforce. The workstations have teaming “pod” layouts to encourage collaboration.  Collaborative areas are found between workstation zones and provide lounge seating, standing height workstations, movable marker board/pin up screens, and teaming tables.  Enclosed Conference, Huddle, and Phone Rooms are strategically placed to provide refuge and focus areas, when needed.

Amenities include a Game Room, large Café’s, Mother’s, and Wellness rooms.  An inter-connecting stair is the focus of the space which helps connect the multi-levels and will showcase the company’s history.

Wayfinding is achieved through a designated color as well as functions being placed in the same locations on each floor.  Materials used include exposed concrete, wood, and bright colors.