The design objective for this project was to create several distinct spaces, with separate functions to inspire creativity, teaming, collaboration, and provide a sense of fun in a professional environment. Branding was also emphasized through the use of Pfizer’s corporate logo and its internal “Innovation” logo. The renovated spaces include a Board Room, Innovation Lab Corridor, and Coffee Bars.

Corridors in the space provided us the opportunity to present an image reflecting the creativity of this user group by using “flowing” carpet pattern designs, expanses of color and accent lighting. The underutilized space around the existing open stairwell provided an opportunity to create engaging hubs for informal collaboration on each floor. Each interactive area/coffee bar has a unique design scheme. The use of color and special custom graphics allowed us to create a fun space for the “Innovation Lab” and Coffee Bars.

The expansive ceiling height in the Board Room allowed us to open up portions of the ceiling with the use of a “floating” ceiling, coupled with the use of specialty lighting; it gives the space a progressive, contemporary look. Additional glass was used to allow natural light to penetrate from the exterior corridor wall.