Pine Island Public Schools

New Elementary School Construction

When the Pine Island School District wanted to construct a new Elementary School as well as additions and remodeling for the existing Middle/High School, they hired Wendel for Master Planning and Pre-Referendum Services so they could get their project green-lit and start building. Once the Referendum was achieved, Wendel provided Architectural and Interior Design services to the project. The resulting Elementary School consists of three academic ‘neighborhoods’ that are arranged by grade level. Common areas are located in the building’s core, and are easily accessed by both the neighborhoods as well as visitors while still being arranged for ease of security and supervision. The Elementary School complex is also the new home for the district’s new track and soccer facilities which have been moved from a flood-prone area near the High School. The focus of the Middle/High School remodeling was on the location of a new Auditorium. Wendel helped develop a unique solution that utilizes an unused court and opens up the adjacent lunchroom to create a Dining Commons that serves as lobby space.