Pine Island Public Schools

Middle School/High School Renovation

One of the main challenges of the Middle School/High School project was to determine where to locate a new Auditorium. Previous studies had explored the front and back sides of the building, but each had disadvantages.  Wendel developed a design that infills an unused court with the Auditorium and opens up the adjacent lunchroom to create a Dining Commons that serves as a lobby space for the Auditorium and Gym.

The school office, which had been in the center of the building, was relocated next to the main entry, with a new secure entry. The former administration space will be converted to theater support space, directly behind the new stage and across the hall from the music suite.

Additional work included new STEM labs and conversion of the former Elementary media center into a fitness room, as well as ventilation upgrades and a new fire sprinkler system throughout.

The renovation was completed in Fall 2016.