Ship Canal Commons

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Ship Canal Commons is the final Outer Harbor destination within the city limits of Buffalo, NY. It is located at the point of Tifft Nature Preserve and is formerly home to Hanna Furnace Corporation. Landscape Architects collaborated with the design team and various stakeholders to devise a 22 acre interpretive space that pays homage to this site’s industrial past while simultaneously providing unique and varied experiences for visitors.

The 11 acres along the north side of the canal were treated as a pastoral passive activity space. The 11 acres on the south side of the canal was developed into a more active space incorporating landscape interpretations of what once existed on the Hanna Furnace site.

Design Features:

  • Land forms were created to simulate piles of limestone and ore that once existed along the Canal.
  • Densely planted rows of trees reflect the dense population of grand industrial buildings that once lined the Canal.
  • Pedestrian bridge, 200’ l. x 10’ w. crossing the canal mimics former bridge cranes.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian trails, waterfront promenade, and interpretive signage throughout.
  • Installation of historical artifacts including an illuminated 25-ton steel ladle.

Ship Canal Commons