St. Cloud Metropolitan Transit Commission

CNG Fueling Station & Facility Renovations

St. Cloud Metro Bus decided that they wanted to convert their bus fleet over time to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). In order to accomplish this, Wendel was engaged to design, procure and manage the construction of a CNG fueling facility. This facility includes a compressor island, private and public fast filling fueling stations, and a new, aesthetic canopy facing the interstate. The project included design modifications to the existing bus storage and bus maintenance areas in order to handle CNG buses and comply with CNG codes while also accommodating heavy duty maintenance. Wendel’s unique Immersion Process was critical to getting the project off to a quick, high impact start. Several meetings were held early in the design process which served to get all owners, stakeholders and officials on the same page with the design team. The result was a consensus and unified approach, yielding several design options from which to choose.