SUNY Upstate Medical IHP Server Renovation

Wendel provided commissioning services for Upstate Medical University at the IHP Server Room project. The project included the construction of a Data Room and UPS Room in the penthouse areas of the IHP Building. The work included the installation of data center switchgear and the air condition equipment.

Systems that were commissioned include: air cooled chillers with water side economizers, air handling units, chilled water pumping system, in-rack server cooling units, DDC energy management system, UPS, PDUs and automatic transfer switches.

Wendel’s service including coordinating the commissioning, witnessing the startup of the relevant systems, witnessing testing and balancing services, functional system testing and acceptance, review of operation and maintenance manuals, review/observation of staff training, and the preparation of a commissioning report. Additionally Wendel planned and executed a full server room performance testing which included providing in-rack load banks and simulating server operation at different loads to verify the operation of the cooling system and to fully load the electrical system. The performance test included a full power outage to verify the electrical system (UPS, PDUs and transfer switches) and cooling system remain operational during a utility power outage.