Thompson Siegel

Thompson Siegel & Walmsley is an “old line” Virginia investment firm with a very forward thinking approach. Our project with TS & W involved a relocation of their office space into the top floor of the Reynolds Crossing Building, one of the best new office buildings in the City.

The office space that TS & W left behind was very conventional and traditional space, designed with perimeter offices with minimum glass and interior workstations.

They wanted their new office space to reflect what one would expect in a NYC investment firm. The team went to work with a resulting design that included clean lines, “capturing” lots of natural light through the use of glass, direct/indirect LED lighting, collaborative work spaces, fun amenity spaces, and the “cool” factor.

Additionally, TS & W wanted to convey their brand through the interior design of their space. This was effectively accomplished in their front lobby by using their logo and brand colors portrayed on very beautiful materials.