Town of Amherst WWTP/WPCF Upgrade Project

Wendel has provided complete engineering services to the Town of Amherst for numerous projects over the last several years including:

WPCF Main Sewage Pump Motor Replacement
Replacement of three (3) 600hp obsolete Eddy Current clutch motors, with medium voltage 4160V motors and VFDs, replace 4160V starters. Rebuild of 2 existing Worthington 50 MGD pumps,  provide new SCADA PLC for control of pumps and motors.. After researching VFDs and providing cost comparison based on design life and maintenance on medium voltage VFDs, instead of
VFDs, Wendel proposed an alternate solution to use innovative technology manufactured by Magna Drive, Bellevue Washington. The Magnadrive Green magnetic torque transfer technologies are approximately 98% efficient with no additional losses for ancillary equipment. Wendel helped the Town obtain a $1 million dollar GIGP grant based on the Magna- Drive technology.

WPCF Plant Automation
Wendel prepared technical plans and specifications prescribing requirements for the WPCF Plant Automation Project including the required documents to complete the fiber optic cabling and computer switch upgrades to the required buildings at the WPCF.

WPCF Cryogenic Plant Upgrade Project
Upgrade to the existing cryogenic system including replacement of the air dryer, replacement of the existing heater, inspection and rebuild of the air compressors, and painting of the cryogenic tanks and piping.

WPCF Plant Compressor Engine Replacement
Provide engineering evaluation of replacement of 600 hp gas powered engine with original 600 hp engine, replacement of 600 hp natural gas powered engine with a premium energy efficient electric motor, or perform upgrades to existing gas powered engine. The design services provided also include modifications to 4160 Volt motor starters, modifications to SCADA and PLC based control system, and piping modifications.

WPCF Valve Replacement
Provided design, bidding and construction services for the rehabilitation and replacement of various valves, flow meters and sluice gates located within the Stage 1 and Stage 2 process trains. The equipment targeted for improvements will be rehabilitated or replaced in kind to restore and enhance the plants operational requirements.

WPCF Oxygen Mixer Upgrade
Provided energy evaluation study, energy grant services, design, bidding and construction services for the replacement of the Stage 1 and Stage 2 oxygen transfer basin mixers. The existing eighteen (18) mixers will be replaced with new, more efficient units that will maintain the treatment capacity while simultaneously improving the energy efficiency of the two-stage oxygen activated sludge system.