Town of Lancaster Street Lighting Energy Performance Contract

Wendel was selected by the Town of Lancaster to provide a guaranteed energy savings contract that included the conversation of 2,587 street lights to LED technology. The project scope also includes the installation of “Smart City” lighting controls that will enable the Town to modulate light output, monitor light fixture performance and diagnose operational issues.

Wendel began with an in-house GIS field audit of the Town’s entire street light system. This step quantified fixture attributes such as: quantities, style/type, wattage and exact location utilizing GIS coordinates. The GIS database was utilized to identify discrepancies between actual field information and utility billing histories that resulted in a retroactive refund for the Town.

Following the GIS audit, Wendel provided design services to appropriate evaluate and select specific fixtures that meet the Town’s preferences and industry light guideline standards such as RP-8-18. Design activities included photometric roadway lighting models in AGi32 software by Wendel’s professional lighting design engineers.

Wendel provided project management and technical assistance to guide the Town through the local utility’s street lighting purchase agreement(buyback process) in accordance with New York State Public Service Commission regulations and utility company tariffs.

The project is currently in construction. Below is a summary of the project’s economics and energy savings statistics.

Incentives: Wendel assisted the city to obtain approximately $55,795 in energy related grants and incentives.

Guaranteed Annual Savings/Revenue

  • 739,733 kWh
  • $221,566 Savings
  • Annual Environmental Savings from Electric Use Reduction
  • 368,328 lbs of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
  • 729 lbs of SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide)
  • 5 lbs of N2O (Nitrous Oxide)

“The Town of Lancaster has been impressed by Wendel’s intimate knowledge of LED street lighting technology and retrofit project knowledge. Their entire project Team has been professional, proactive and un-biased with regards to audit and design activities with the Town. We look forward to the energy performance contract’s construction phase and the cost transparency of Wendel’s “open book” model.”

– David J. Brown, Administration and Finance Director