Town of Newstead / Village of Akron Joint Comprehensive Plan

We worked with the Town of Newstead and the Village of Akron to develop a comprehensive plan that reflects the goals of the communities for their joint future. The vision statement developed states “The Town of Newstead and Village of Akron will work together towards enhancing and promoting the quality of life for residents while finding a balance between maintaining the existing character of the communities, and attracting new people and businesses.”

Goals developed for the communities through public outreach, include the following:

  • Maintain and enhance rural character
  • Preserve, protect and enhance the viability of agriculture in our community
  • Provide an efficient distribution of public services that improves the quality of life for all
  • Capitalize on our resources, assets, and advantages to promote economic opportunities
  • Protect significant, locally important scenic and natural resources
  • Provide high quality community services (schools, emergency services, and recreation)
  • Ensure a safe, efficient, and multifaceted transportation system tor residents and visitors in the community
  • Achieve orderly and manageable growth in the community
  • Provide diverse, attractive and safe housing