Towns of Lancaster & Depew Joint Comprehensive Plan Update

The Town of Lancaster and the Villages of Lancaster and Depew selected Wendel to assist the Comprehensive Plan Committee in developing a comprehensive plan update for the joint future of the town and two villages.

The communities had experienced significant changes and population growth since the previous plan was completed in 2000.  Community leaders wanted an updated, concise plan to provide guidance for future growth and redevelopment.

As a result of stakeholder outreach and public input, the group developed a new vision for the communities that calls for “working cooperatively to enhance and promote an excellent quality of life for their citizens.” Consistent with regional planning documents, the plan focuses on revitalizing the village centers and the surrounding neighborhoods, while promoting protection of rural character in the eastern and southern areas of the town.  The Plan includes recommendations to help the communities work toward achieving their goals, with a focus on improved aesthetics and economic development in the villages, enhanced bike and pedestrian access, and resource protection (agricultural lands, stream corridors, wetlands, etc.) in the more rural areas of the town.