Trempealeau County Healthcare Center

Survey, analysis and recommendations on the existing campus led to this one-of-a-kind facility includes a total of 146 beds licensed as an IMD (Institute for Mental Disease) 100 of which are recovery based IMD beds, 12 in geriatric psychiatry, and 34 conventional nursing home beds designed for persons with behavioral health issues. The overall design provides for appropriate separation of risk level and age, with a total of five neighborhoods. The nursing home and IMD recovery neighborhoods are arranged with multiple households to reduce scale and density. Thoughtful design accommodates decentralized both clinical and support services to create a resident-centered environment. Special features include private internal courtyards for each neighborhood, towne centre, education and vocational spaces, and staff respite. The design team worked intuitively with TCHCC to create an environment that leaves old paradigms behind, strives to eliminate stigma, and allows for an environment of care that matches the vision and delivery of the caregivers at TCHCC.