University at Buffalo Alumni Arena

The University retained the Wendel Team to design the replacement of the sound and lighting systems in Alumni Arena; home of the NCAA Buffalo Bulls. The existing sound system was original to the building and performed poorly. The lighting systems had been modified over the years leaving poorly lit practice and intramural areas, and a center court below NCAA standards.

Wendel performed the extensive role as Project Manager, Client Manager, and Engineering Services on the project. The activities included contract management; coordination of State, University and structural requirements; coordination of the activities of the technical sub-consultants; construction management, and schedule maintenance. Engineering and Architectural design activities included: design for new lighting and sound equipment; new electrical/video control; and computer rooms to support racks for the sound, video and IT equipment.

Our sound sub-consultant, nationally known Acoustics Dimensions, performed sound system design, space modeling, equipment recommendations, and commissioning. The new system consists of an exploded center cluster with six arrays, three supporting arrays for the upper seating area, and four array locations for the commencements and the “Distinguished Speaker Series.”

Our lighting sub-consultant, internationally recognized Lighting Design Innovations, performed a comprehensive and multi-faceted lighting design, modeling, equipment specifications, and commissioning. The new lighting systems are designed and controlled to achieve three primary functions; house lighting, sports lighting and theatrical lighting. The new sports lighting used by basketball, volleyball and wrestling teams achieved the requirements of NCAA and high definition broadcast standards.