Village of Horseheads

Well No. 5 Filtration Project

In early September 2011, the Village of Horseheads weathered a significant storm and flooding event in the form of Tropical Storm Lee. Following the storm, the entirety of Chemung County was placed in a State of Emergency by the federal government. When the County Health Department collected samples from the ground water well, they found that significant levels of surface water indicators were present. This change in the water source required changes to the Village’s approach to treating it, so Wendel was hired to identify and evaluate options that would bring the water system back into compliance with New York State Code. Four options were explored, ranging from new filtration systems to connection to neighboring water systems. In the end, the Village decided to implement an Upflow Filtration System with Chemical Addition. Wendel assisted in securing over $4 million in grant funding to construct the project and completed the design documents, bids for which all came in under the available grant funding.