Village of Westfield Water Pollution Control Facility Upgrade

Preliminary engineering, grant assistance, detailed design, and construction services for upgrades to the 2.6 mgd Water Pollution Control Facility and Main Sewage Pump Station.

  • Project components include;
  • Stage 2 Aeration Basin Lining
  • Stage 2 Aeration Ultra Fine Bubble Diffuser Upgrade
  • Turbo Blower Upgrade
  • Real Time Equalization System
  • Main Pump Station Improvements:
  • Replacement of existing pumping equipment with three, variable speed, 75 hp, horizontal solids handling pumps with total capacity of 4.3 mgd
  • Bar Screen Addition at Main Pump Station Structure
  • New Vortex Grit System
  • Replacement of the Stage 2 clarifier internal equipment
  • Upgrades to Aerobic Digester Mixing & Aeration Equipment in Aerobic Digester #1
  • Replacement of the existing Abel sludge feed pump
  • Rehabilitation to the control building roof
  • Upgrades to the UV disinfection system
  • Upgrades to the septage receiving station
  • EFC Funding was utilized

Waterline and Process Water Piping Improvements:

The improvements performed as part of the Westfield WPCF upgrade project included significant waterline and process water piping improvements. A new process waterline was provided as part of the new grit system, process water piping was installed as part of the bar screen upgrades, air supply piping was upgraded as part of the turbo blower and aeration diffuser upgrades and new process piping was installed as part of the pumps station upgrades.