Erie County Water Authority – Water Treatment Plants

Sturgeon Point and Van de Water

Wendel was retained by the Erie County Water Authority to provide study, design, maintenance, operation and construction services at its Sturgeon Point and Van de Water Treatment Plants.

Wendel’s services include:

  • Updating of Standard Operating Practices for all processes at each plant including chemical feeds. disinfection and residuals management. Work includes incorporation of electronic SOPs into ECWA’s upgrades to SCADA system.
  • Detailed analysis of ECWA’s on-going upgrade of Filters 1-4 at the Sturgeon Point WTP. During construction, the filter underdrain supplier stopped installation of a porous plate system due to concerns over clogging of the pores. Wendel was retained by ECWA to conduct a thirdparty analysis of the project, including a review of filter media conditions, ECWA bid documents, history of manufacturer installations/performance at similar installations, and alternative filter underdrain systems. Wendel prepared a detailed report including recommendations to modify the
    underdrain to restore the original Wheeler bottom system. Wendel subsequently provided construction administration and resident observation services through the completion of construction.
  • Review of operation and maintenance procedures for the existing coagulation basin system at Sturgeon Point. Recommended a series of improvements including additional access points/wall openings to aid in cleaning basins, new monitoring locations for sludge depth measurement, review of materials to provide a more robust sludge collection system and automation of basin effluent valves to prevent sludge carryover during sludge collection.
  • Review of coagulant and polymer addition practices including application points, criteria for use of filter aids, recommendations from past studies.
  • Analysis of options to improve backwash redundancy at the Sturgeon Point WTP, including review of current pump capacities. Alternatives reviewed included new backwash pumps, backwash supply from the existing high service discharge line/clearwells, and construction of a second elevated backwash tank.
  • General consultation on condition inspections and process improvements and preparation of capital planning documents.
  • Technical review of capital improvement projects proposed by others including review of project documents.