Wendel Acquires Mitchell Associates Architects

07/14/2023 | Back to News

Wendel, a nationally recognized architecture, engineering, energy efficiency, and construction management firm is excited to announce that Mitchell Associates Architects, based 20 minutes outside of Albany, NY, is joining our Five Bugles Design team. This expansion increases our team’s ability to provide clients with public safety projects. Together, the firms have a matchless, industry-leading portfolio of award-winning, research-based, innovative facilities. Collectively, the two companies have completed over 330 public safety projects across the United States. Mitchell works exclusively on public service facilities, including fire stations, EMS, police, and shared facilities. Mitchell’s founding principles of providing knowledge-based, comprehensive, and individualized services make them a perfect fit for the Wendel family of companies.

“Mitchell and Wendel are so aligned in our respect and commitment to the men and women who dedicate their lives to the public’s safety that joining our two firms together was an obvious decision,” says Joe DeFazio, Wendel’s President and CEO. “Our team will be grounded in what’s really important, helping our public safety clients achieve their goals with high-functioning, sustainable buildings and making their lives a little better. We can’t wait to see what the combined talents of our company can do at a national level!”

Robert W. Krzyzanowski, Director of Emergency Services and Associate Principal at Wendel, adds that “Five Bugles Design and Mitchell Associates share a niche working in emergency services design. When the opportunity to combine our teams came to the table, it was an exciting opportunity for our talented staff to continue sharing ideas and creating superior designs.”

Robert Mitchell, Founder and Principal, Mitchell Associates Architects, says that “Mitchell Associates Architects is a focused company with so much to offer to the public safety community. Joining forces to become a single team will provide us the ability to leverage all of our talents and expand our capabilities while continuing to produce quality work. Having worked with Wendel and Five Bugles on projects before, we knew about the level of comradery that exists with their team, which is something that’s very important to us.”